Mohammed Arsiwala, MD

I am humbly asking for your vote for President Elect of the Michigan State Medical Society.
My life and my career have been dedicated not only as a practicing physician for 20 years, but also as a life in service to MSMS as a leader who supports the vision and mission by promoting the following:
  • Reorganization and restructuring efforts of MSMS to achieve a sustainable organization that will continue to advocate for physicians across our great state. My entrepreneurial expertise and experience in managing the largest urgent care company in Michigan for two decades will be an asset.
  • Physician wellness and burnout is a crisis. Physicians are faced with undue administrative burdens from EMR and new health care regulations that are counterproductive to the sacred doctor-patient relationship. A healthy physician is as important as a healthy healthcare system for our state. I will bring my current experience of serving on a national work group for physician burnout and wellness to improve outcomes.
  • Graduate medical education funding has to be sustainable to support the future generations of physicians; otherwise there will be a crisis for access to much needed heath care for our patients.
  • Membership sustainability is critical. I will work tirelessly to support the mission and vision of MSMS by promoting the legislative, advocacy, member saving practice solutions, and Human Resources Services as a Value Added Membership Benefits proposition to increase membership.

My passion lies in the areas of legislature and advocacy. Robin Sharma said it best, "The only limits on your life are those that you set yourself."